"SULTRY MOM" Premiers in Russia

"Red Hot Mamas," my comedy about aging opened to great acclaim at the State Academic Theatre in Tula, Russia on June 9th. A rough Google translation of the title is "Sultry Mom." Translated by Victor Weber, the play's humor and underlying themes were beautifully communicated to a massive and appreciative audience.

Claudia Adams played by Love Spirikhina (Honored Artist of Russia)

Peter Mason played by Gennady Vershinin (Honored Artist of Russia)

Inna Medvedev as Abby Adams and Maxim Tolstikov as Dan Casey

Igor Nobolsin (Honored Artist of Russia), Natalia Svchenko (Honored Artist of Russia), Maxim Tolstikov, Victor Anayin (Honored Artist of Russia), and Love Spirikhina as Stan Walker, Cheryl Casey, Dan Casey, Russ Niari, and Cheryl Casey.

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