Moonflower Press


Moonflower Press is the publishing entity I've created to market my novels and plays on the Web and to keep the public informed of upcoming productions, publications, public readings and my on-going writing projects. 


All of my plays and novels will be eventually be available for purchase or reading from links embedded in this site.  As new works are created and published, I'll be adding links to make them available to the public for purchase or download. 


I am primarily a playwright, but I have written four novels of which the newest, a bio-tech thriller comic-romance entilted "The Bride Wore Red" is soon to be published. 


The image on the left is of a moonflower from my garden. Moonflowers bloom at night and only last for a single day.  Their brevity makes you appreciate their extraordinary beauty all the more.



Charlie's "quick-witted dialogue sounds as if Noel Coward was an American career criminal with 10 days left to live."

Detroit Metro Times


"Dark comedy at its best".

The Key West Citizen


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.