"Red Hot Mamas" opens in Trento, Italy

My comedy "Red Hot Mamas" or "Mamme Roventi" opened Jaunary 16th at GAD Citta Di Trento. Under Alberto Uez's inspired directorial hand, Leonardo Franchini's translation played to a full house and standing ovation. A sampling of photos from the red hot production by Claudio Condini follow. All photos used with the permission of the photographer.

Mara Sartori as Abby (left) & Doria Mariotti as her mother-in-law Sarah.

Andrea Moauro as Dan Casey & Mara Sartori as his wife Abby.

Giovanna Tomasi as Abby's mother, Claudia.

Cristian Degasperi as Sarah's AA sponson, Peter Mason.

Peter Mason & Bruno Vanzo as Russ Neary, a gentleman caller.

Dan & Claudia debate as gentlemen callers Simone Crespiatico as Stan Walker & Russ inspect Claudia.

Dan & Abby have a heart to heart.

Director, Alberto Uez (center left) & translator, Leonardo Franchini (center right).

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