"Hot Moms" running in Rostov-on-Dove, RU for 2018-2019 Season

"Red Hot Mamas" opened in Rostov-on-Dove, Russia in December 2019 to sold out houses over the holidays. This play continues as well to run at sold-out houses in the Russian cities of Tula and Magnitogorsk, Minsk in the Republic of Belarus and to tour in Northern Italy. The Rostov production was staged by Ekaterina Sonnenstral and Fedor Parasyuk and performed by Tatyana Shkrabak as Cheryl, Natalia Gordinskaya as Claudia, Olga Vasilyeva as Abby, Artem Shkrabak and Evgeny Klimanov alternating as Dan, and Vitaly Sokolovsky, Sergey Vlasov and Oleg Shirshin playing the gentlemen callers. The play will run in repertoire for the remained of the 2018-2019 season in Rostov-on-Dove, Russia and Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

The ingenious and eye-catching poster to the left was designed by Elizabeth Nabukhatnaya, the Rostov theater's resident Graphic Designer.

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