The Bride Wore Red - New Novel Published

When I finished “The Bride Wore Red,” I was told by those in the know it was impossible to sell a biotech-thriller-comic-romance. “There is no market for it,” I was told. “There is no such genre in contemporary fiction,” the skeptics railed. The same skeptics probably would have said to the great Pablo Picasso: “We love the painting, Pablo, but it doesn’t really look like a bull now does it?” What makes this novel unique is the very fact that I do integrate humor into what is essentially a biotech-thriller. Who’s to say that brilliant physicians, archetype Scandinavian blondes, irascible editors, mafia soldiers and the boys in the hood can’t be funny? Nobody that I know of. Does humor take away from the tension in? Maybe. Does that concern me? Not in the slightest. Humor is what I do best, and I’m not going to abandon my strength to conform to what is at best an artificially fabricated market convention and at worst a barrier to creativity. I think readers like good stories and they love to laugh. In my mind, “The Bride Wore Red” satisfied both of those requirements.

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