"Hot Moms" a Hit in Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Victor Weber's Russian translation of "Red Hot Mamas" has been running in repertory at the 459-seat M. Gorky National Academic Drama Theatre in Minsk since September 2017 to sold out houses. The Minister of Culture attended the opening.


Cheryl Casey - People's Artist of Belarus Bella Masumyan Claudia Adams - People's Artist of Belarus Olga Klebanovich Abby Adams, daughter of Claudia - Victoria Kovalchik Dan Casey, son of Cheryl - Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Andrey Dushechkin, Sergei Savenkov Peter Mason - People's Artist of Belarus Alexander Tkachenok Russ Niari - Valery Shushkevich Stan Walker - Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Brukhatsky Sheriff Harold - Dmitry Mazuro Production Group: Director - Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Sergei Kovalchik Scenography - Alla Sorokina Costume Designer - Maria Gerasimovich Assistant Director - Dmitry Mazuro

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